International Mother language Day Paragraph for Class 5-10 HSC

International Mother language Day Paragraph: Amar Ekushe February is a very special day, like a hero story! It reminds us to fight for what we believe in, like our own language. In 1952, brave people in Bangladesh stood up for Bangla. The whole world noticed this bravery, and in 1999, the United Nations made February 21st International Mother Language Day! This is a special day to celebrate all languages and remember why Bangla is so important.

International Mother Language Day is an important day for all students. My classroom team has written international mother language day paragraph for class 6, class 7-8, class 9-10 and for SSC and HSC candidates.

150 words for class 3 to 5 for easy paragraph writing. Written in 200 to 500 words for class 7 8 9 10. International mother language day is observed on 21 February. Therefore, instead of international mother language day, 21 February comes to the test called Paragraph. Beautifully written international mother language day paragraph for ASC and HSC candidates.

International Mother language Day Paragraph Class 6, 7

Every year on February 21st, we celebrate a special day called International Mother Language Day! This day is like a birthday party for all the different languages in the world.

Here in Bangladesh, this day is extra special because it remembers something brave that happened a long time ago. In 1952, some young students wanted Bengali, our own language, to be important, but the police disagreed. There was a fight, and sadly, some students died. We call them heroes, or “shaheed” in Bengali.

Because of their bravery, February 21st became a day to remember them. We also call it “Shahid Day”. People visit a special place called the “Shaheed Minar” to show respect.

Two Bangladeshi men then had a great idea! They asked the whole world to celebrate February 21st as International Mother Language Day, and in 1999, many countries agreed! Now, everyone can enjoy the party for languages!

International Mother language Day Paragraph Class 8

February 21st is a very special day in our history! It’s like a big gold star on the calendar. We call it Shaheed Day or Mother Language Day.

Back in 1952, in a place called East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), students and grown-ups didn’t like that the leaders said only Urdu could be the official language. Bengali was their mother tongue, the language they spoke at home, and they wanted it to be important too! They thought it was unfair to not allow Bengali. So, they bravely protested all year. They said, “Let Bengali be a state language too!”

Then, on February 21st, the police got scared and fired on a group of students marching at Dhaka University. Some brave students like Rafique, Jabbar, Salam, and Barkat sadly died. They are heroes who stood up for their language, the first in the world! This sad day is remembered as the historic 21st February, Shaheed Dibash.

Because of their bravery, Bengali finally got the respect it deserved! Many years later, in 1998, the whole world noticed the importance of this day. UNESCO, a special group that cares about learning, said February 21st would be International Mother Language Day! Now, everyone celebrates languages around the world on this special day.

International Mother language Day Paragraph Class 9, 10

International Mother Language Day is a very special day for Bangladesh. It used to be called “Language Martyrs’ Day,” but now more and more countries around the world celebrate it too! UNESCO, a big organization that cares about education and culture, made it International Mother Language Day in 1999. Now, more and more people remember the importance of their mother tongue on this day.

This day is especially important in Bangladesh because many brave young Bengalis died fighting for the right to speak their own language. People like Salam, Barkat, Rafique, and Zabbar gave their lives during a protest against a law that wanted to make another language more important.

Every year, we celebrate this day with seriousness and respect for the martyrs. On this morning, the whole country visits the monument built in their memory to show honor. People from all walks of life, even young children, come barefoot in a big line and lay flowers to remember the martyrs. Everyone stays silent for a few minutes to show respect.

The government and other organizations also plan programs for this day. Special prayers are held throughout Bangladesh for the peace of the martyrs’ souls. This day reminds everyone how much we should love our mother tongue. It inspires us to protect and honor our beautiful language!

International Mother language Day Paragraph 150 words

Every year on February 21st, Bangladesh celebrates a special day. This day remembers something brave that happened in 1952. Back then, people in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) wanted Bengali to be their official language. But the rulers said only Urdu could be official. Students and brave people didn’t like this. They protested and said Bengali should also be official!

Sadly, some protesters were even hurt fighting for Bengali. But their bravery didn’t go to waste. Because of them, Bengali finally became official! Now, February 21st is a special day all over the world, not just Bangladesh. It’s called International Mother Language Day. This day remembers how important different languages are and how we should protect them. It also reminds us of the brave Bangladeshis who fought for their language and never gave up!

International Mother language Day Paragraph 200 words

There’s a special day every year to celebrate all the different languages in the world! It’s called International Mother Language Day, and it’s on February 21st. This day started because of something that happened in Bangladesh in 1952. Back then, students bravely spoke up because they wanted to use their own language, Bengali, at school.

International Mother Language Day reminds us that it’s important to learn and celebrate many languages. It’s like having a whole bunch of cool tools to talk to people and learn new things! Just like different colors make a beautiful picture, different languages make the world a more interesting place. This day tells everyone that they should be proud of their own mother tongue, the language they learned at home. Every language is special and helps us keep traditions and stories alive! So next February 21st, let’s all celebrate the amazing gift of languages!

International Mother language Day Paragraph 250 words

Every year on February 21st, we celebrate International Mother Language Day! This day has a special story behind it.

Bangladesh is our country, and Bengali is our mother tongue. But a long time ago, when Bangladesh was part of Pakistan, they wanted everyone to speak Urdu instead. Bengali people felt this wasn’t fair because Bengali was their language at home and in their hearts.

On February 21st, 1952, some brave Bengali people stood up for their language. Sadly, the police even shot some of them. These brave people are called freedom fighters, and this day is also called “Shahid Dibosh” which means “Martyr’s Day”.

Because of the freedom fighters’ sacrifice, Bengali became the national language of Bangladesh. This is a very proud day for everyone in our country.

This story of fighting for our language is so special that the whole world now celebrates International Mother Language Day on February 21st. It’s a day to remember the freedom fighters and show respect for all the different languages people speak around the world.

On this day, people in Bangladesh visit Shahid Minar with flowers to honor the freedom fighters. Schools and organizations might also have special programs or competitions. There’s even a famous song called “Amar Bhai, Ekushey February” (My Brother, Twenty-First February) that people love to sing.

Everyone feels happy and proud on International Mother Language Day. It’s a day to celebrate our mother tongue and the sacrifices made to keep it alive!

International Mother language Day Paragraph Easy

Everyone has a special language they speak at home with their family, right? This language is like our mother, because it’s how we first learn to talk and share our feelings. In our country, this special language is Bangla!

Bangla has been around for a long, long time. Many people even fought hard to make sure Bangla became our official language, the one everyone uses important documents and signs. Can you imagine someone saying you can’t speak your own language at home? That’s what happened a long time ago, and some brave people stood up for Bangla on February 21st.

This day is very important for Bengali people because it reminds us how much we love our language. It’s like a national holiday, a special day off school to celebrate Bangla! We sing a famous song called “Amar Bhai er Rokter Rangano Ekushey February” (The 21st of February, Colored with the Blood of My Brother) to remember the brave people who fought for our language.

On this day, people gather together in big parades and wear colorful clothes. They sing songs, hold discussions about Bangla, and even visit special places to show respect to those who fought. The whole country celebrates how special Bangla is!

Did you know? This day is so special that the entire world celebrates February 21st as International Mother Language Day! People everywhere organize events to show how much they love their own mother tongue.

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FAQ for International Mother Language Day

What is International Mother Language Day?

International Mother Language Day is celebrated on February 21st. UNESCO declared this day on November 17, 1999, and it has been observed worldwide since February 21, 2000. It honors the Language Movement in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan).

Why do we celebrate International Mother Language Day?

We celebrate this day to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. Languages help keep traditional knowledge and cultures alive in a sustainable way.

How is International Mother Language Day celebrated in Bangladesh?

People walk barefoot to the Martyrs’ Memorials, place flowers to honor the martyrs, wear traditional dress, and sing songs.

What is a fact about International Mother Language Day?

February 21st promotes the preservation and protection of all languages. It commemorates those killed during the 1952 Bengali Language Movement against the government’s decision to make Urdu the sole official language.

What is International Mother’s Day?

International Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. In 2022, it will be celebrated on May 8th. This day honors mothers and their importance in our lives and society.

Why is the mother language important?

The mother language is the first language a child hears and helps shape thoughts and feelings. Learning in the mother tongue improves critical thinking, second language learning, and literacy skills.

What is the history of the term “mother tongue”?

The term “mother tongue” was first used by Catholic monks to refer to the language they used instead of Latin when preaching. The term came from “holy mother the Church” and spread through colonialism.

What happened on February 21, 1952?

On this day, the government banned protests, but students at the University of Dhaka and other activists protested. Police opened fire, killing four students.

Which country celebrates Mother Language Day?

UNESCO declared February 21st as International Mother Language Day in 1999, and it has been celebrated worldwide since 2000. It also honors Bangladesh’s struggle to protect its mother language, Bengali.

Why is it called “mother language”?

The term comes from the idea that a child often learns the basics of their family’s language from their mother. Another reason is that it refers to the original or native language of a person.


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