Padma Bridge Paragraph For Class 6 to 12

Padma Bridge

The Padma Bridge is a big project happening in Bangladesh. It’s being built over the Padma River, and when it’s finished, it will connect different parts of the country. The work started back in 2014, and now it’s almost done. What makes this bridge special is that Bangladesh is building it all by itself. That’s a really big deal because usually, countries get help from other places for projects like this. But Bangladesh is doing it all on its own.

The bridge is going to be really long – about 6.15 kilometers. That’s like the length of around 61 football fields! And it’s not just long, it’s also going to have two parts – one on top for cars and trucks to drive on, and another part underneath for trains. That means people and things can move across it in different ways, making travel much easier.

paragraph padma bridge for ssc and hsc

Building the Padma Bridge hasn’t been easy. There were some problems, like not having enough money and having to change plans. But Bangladesh didn’t give up. They kept going, working hard to make sure the bridge gets finished. It’s a sign of how determined and strong the people of Bangladesh are.

When the Padma Bridge opens in 2022, it’s going to be a big moment for the country. It will bring people closer together, help businesses grow, and make life better for everyone. The Padma Bridge isn’t just a bridge – it’s a symbol of progress and unity for Bangladesh. And it shows that when people work together, they can do amazing things.


In today’s article Padma Bridge paragraph for ssc or Padma Bridge Paragraph is written for Bengali. Many people look for Padma Bridge Paragraph 200 words Padma Bridge paragraph class 10. We Padma Bridge paragraph 100 words or I tried to write easily without writing Padma Bridge paragraph within 150 words. The construction of Padma Bridge was completed during Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina‘s tenure


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