Dowry System Paragraph for class 8, 9, 10। 100 to 500 words

Dowry System Paragraph: An old bad custom of the country is the dowry system. The bridegroom forcibly collects dowry from the bride. Currently this problem is a social threat. Dowry should be prevented. Otherwise, there will be social chaos. Family traditions will be broken.
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Class 3 to 5: Dowry System Paragraph

In World, sometimes when a girl gets married, her family gives things like furniture, clothes or even money to the boy and his family. This is called dowry. It used to be a nice way to help the new couple start their life together. But now, people are asking for more and more dowry, which makes the girl’s family very sad and worried. It’s not fair!

Paragraph on Dowry System for class 6 150 words

In world, there’s a long-time custom called dowry. At first, it was a nice way to help a new couple get started. The bride’s family would give things like land, money, and furniture to help them build a life together. But over time, it turned into a big problem. Instead of being a helpful gift, it became something everyone expected, and the bride’s family felt a lot of pressure to pay a lot of money and give expensive things.

This dowry system makes things very unfair for brides. The groom’s family sees the bride as something they’re gaining, while the bride’s family feels like they’re losing something important. Some people even wonder if dowry is a way to treat girls badly. In some places, there’s even violence against brides because of dowry, but many times these things are kept secret.

200 words: Dowry System Paragraph for class 7

The dowry system is a big problem in our society. It hurts many people. Many innocent women are made to suffer because of it.

Dowry has been around for a long time, especially among Hindus. Hindu women often can’t inherit their dad’s property. Because of this, they are given money, jewelry, clothes, and other things during their wedding.

This bad tradition is also starting to happen more in Muslim families. Some men only want to marry women for their stuff. If they don’t get what they want, they hurt the women. Because of this, many women take their own lives, are killed by their husbands, or have to go back home forever.

We definitely need to get rid of the dowry system. The government has made strong laws against it, but it’s still happening and women are still suffering.

We all need to work together to stop this. We need to protect women from this curse. Everyone in society, men and women, needs to be aware of this problem.

Dowry System Paragraph for class 8 (250 words)

In some places, the bride’s family has to give money or gifts, like furniture or jewelry, to the groom’s family when their daughter gets married. This is called dowry.

Dowry is a bad thing, especially for poor families. It’s like a punishment because they can’t afford to give expensive things. Sometimes, people who ask for dowry are just greedy. They think they deserve money because they raised their son.

Because of dowry, many poor families can’t marry off their daughters. This makes everything sad and unfair. Dowry also makes people want more and more money, which isn’t good.

We shouldn’t treat girls like things that can be bought or sold. To stop this bad practice, we can all talk about how wrong it is. The government can also make laws to say that dowry is not allowed.

This way, everyone will know that dowry is a big problem and we can work together to end it.

300 words: Dowry System Paragraph for class 9, 10

Our country has many bad habits that stop us from being a great and rich nation. The worst of these is the dowry system. In this system, the bride’s family has to give expensive gifts to the groom’s family.

Dowry happens mostly because people are poor. Also, some people think badly of women, and women rely on men for many things. People who want to show off and those who are corrupt also make dowry worse. Sometimes, wives are even hurt because they can’t give their husbands money or things.

We often hear stories in the news about new brides being treated very badly. This is especially bad in villages far away from cities, where things haven’t changed much. Dowry is a shame on our country!

Just making laws isn’t enough to stop this bad habit. We need to change how we think about dowry.

Greedy people who want too much need to be nicer. People need to learn more about why dowry is wrong. Laws that protect women’s rights need to be followed seriously. And most importantly, we need to have big campaigns to tell people why dowry is bad.


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Dowry System Paragraph for SSC

In our country, there is a bad custom where the bride’s family gives money, furniture, land or other things to the groom’s family at wedding time. This is called dowry. No one knows exactly when this started, but it’s been happening for a long time.

Dowry is a big burden on the bride’s family. Fathers worry a lot about saving money for their daughter’s wedding. In northern India, dowry is even more common, and it’s often linked to a system based on social class. Dowry makes life very difficult for women. They are often treated badly because of it.

The good idea of giving a helping hand to a new couple has turned into something ugly. There are laws against dowry now, and anyone who asks for it or hides it can be punished. This is called the Dowry Prohibition Act, and it means both the giver and taker of dowry can get in trouble.

Dowry System Paragraph for HSC

Many unfair traditions exist in poor countries. Dowry is a terrible custom, the worst one we have. There’s no official rule for it, but narrow-minded fathers make it happen. In our country, daughters don’t inherit property, so dowry is common there. Since Bangladesh was part of India, this custom spread to Muslims too. The groom’s family asks for money, gold, furniture, electronics, even land! The bride’s father suffers because Bangladesh is poor, and most families struggle. Often, these fathers have to borrow money, rent out land, or even sell it to afford dowry. This makes them even poorer.

Curse of Dowry

If the father can’t pay, the groom may torture the bride, and her in-laws may mistreat her. Sometimes, the husband throws her out. Then, she becomes a burden on her family with young children. She has to take low-paying jobs to survive, and her children can’t go to school. They may even end up on the streets or working odd jobs. Only a few families are wealthy.

Dowry is a big problem for poor and uneducated people in villages and towns. Stopping dowry needs action from the government and educated people. If the government understands the root of the problem, makes strong rules, and enforces them seriously, and if educated people help get rid of this tradition, this social evil can disappear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ on the Dowry System

What is the dowry system?
Answer: The dowry system involves the bride’s family providing a substantial payment in cash or kind to the groom’s family at the time of marriage. Regardless of the bride’s education or status, she is often expected to bring a dowry. While some argue that dowry is given voluntarily, it is commonly enforced by societal pressure from the groom’s family. This practice has led to numerous crimes and social issues in countries where it is prevalent.
What is the dowry system in Bangladesh?
Answer: In Bangladesh, dowry, known locally as ‘Joutuk,’ has been practiced for decades as part of traditional culture. Although it is prohibited by Sharia law, personal law, and state law, dowry remains a widespread and mandatory social obligation. The persistence of dowry in Bangladesh has contributed to significant social problems, including violence against women.
What does the dowry system describe?
Answer: The dowry system refers to the transfer of money, goods, or property from the bride’s family to the groom’s family during marriage. Despite various government initiatives and laws, such as The Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961, aimed at eradicating dowry and uplifting the status of girls, the practice continues in many societies.
What is the dowry system in Nepal?
Answer: n Nepal, dowry, or ‘Dahej,’ involves a similar exchange where the bride’s family gives cash or goods to the groom’s family along with the bride, an act known as ‘kanyadan.’ This tradition persists despite efforts to curb it.
What is the violence associated with the dowry system?
Answer: The dowry system has been linked to a significant amount of violence against women. Studies indicate that approximately 50% of violence against women in Bangladesh is related to dowry. Media reports and court records show that 374 women were killed over dowry disputes in one city alone over 17 years up until 2019.
What is an example of a dowry?
Answer: A dowry can include cash, jewelry, household appliances, furniture, bedding, crockery, utensils, vehicles, and other items intended to help the newlyweds establish their home. These gifts are given by the bride’s family to the groom’s family as part of the marriage arrangement.
Is dowry haram in Islam?
Answer: Dowry is not sanctioned by Islam and is increasingly practiced among Muslims in India and Pakistan due to cultural influences. The custom has roots in Hindu traditions, where daughters were not given any share of family property, leading to the practice of dowry as a form of inheritance.


The dowry system, while historically intended for various purposes, can create significant financial strain and unequal burdens on the bride’s family. In some cases, it can even lead to abuse.


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